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Why Portuguese
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Why Portuguese

The Portuguese language is spoken by more or less 500 million people across the globe, and it holds an official language status in predominantly South American countries. It is also a cultural dialect in several Asian territories, making it the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Using Portuguese as a business language is therefore a wise decision for companies that cater to a consumer base that is largely composed of people using Portuguese or operate in the areas where the language is prevalent.

Who we are

Portuguese Call Center is an outsourcing firm that provides call center solutions and non-voice customer support services via web-based tools like email and live chat. We are established to help businesses reach out to their Portuguese-speaking customers through our language-specific services. Located in the Philippines, our agents are native speakers and second language users of Portuguese sourced from the culturally diverse bilingual Philippine workforce.

Our recruitment, training, and management practices all follow the international outsourcing standards that are strictly upheld in our country of operations, the call center outsourcing capital of the world. Adhering to those benchmarks while keeping in mind the community-specific demands of your market, we can engage with your customers without altering the identity of your brand.

What we do

Our Portuguese customer service representatives, email support agents, and live chat team are trained to deliver assistance and answer product-related questions with empathy and cultural sensitivity in mind. Our processes, on the other hand, are carried out using the latest technologies to ensure that our communication channels stay dependable all the time.

Using the phone, email, and live chat as our main platforms for delivering service and receiving requests, you get to multi-channel your customer support unit that is made up of culturally competent staff.

Where we can take you

Portuguese Call Center can help your company build and maintain your reputation in places where the Portuguese language is widely used. Cementing your brand among the most trusted names in your target market takes immersing yourself in its culture. And one way of accomplishing this is by partnering with a firm that has a deep understanding of Portuguese consumers and a long experience in delivering customer support solutions. Our time-tested best practices, along with the advantages you can gain from our location, can propel your business to global brand status while boosting profits and customer loyalty.